Mom, Wife, Teacher, Certified Health Coach, and Advocate

Meet Sheila

I became a Certified Health Coach because I saw the progress my son with Autism was able to make by changing his diet and addressing his nutrient deficiencies. I wanted to be able to help others find a path to healing for their own children.

My son was diagnosed with autism at age 4. He could say just a few words and had difficulty with change, maladaptive behaviors, and other common traits often seen in autism. He needed individualized medical treatments and therapies to address his unique needs, including gut dysbiosis, gluten and dairy intolerance, nutrient deficiencies, and heavy metal toxicity. Today he is 14 and very verbal. He is doing well in public school and taking online coding classes; he hopes to be a programmer after graduating from college. You can see some videos of his progress here.

My daughter has had trouble growing since she was born. Thanks to functional medicine practitioners, we discovered that she has medical issues, including mitochondrial dysfunction and food sensitivities, that can be addressed through biomedical interventions. She has made amazing progress and we are excited to continue to see her grow! She is now 9 and loves unicorns, gymnastics, and playing Roblox with her friends. You can learn about some of the interventions that helped her by reading here.

My favorite part of working with clients through health coaching is witnessing the growth of kids and families over time. It is always an honor to partner with parents in working toward the goals they have for their children’s lives.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, gardening, baking, and reading. I would rather be in nature than anywhere else, and it’s a dream to one day own a baby grand piano. Please see below for my relevant experience, and then contact me to see if working together would be a good fit for you and your family.

Information about my children is always shared with their awareness and permission.


Parent Liaison
Cornerstone Autism Center (2013 – current)
I provide resources and information to families through a local autism center as well as to the community. Through this work I have become well-versed on the topics of the Medicaid Waiver, IEPs and parent rights, financial supports and grants, safety and wandering, options for transportation and respite, and more.

Certified Health Coach
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (2015 – present)
In addition to a health coach certification, I also have personal experience with the methods and techniques as a result of my work with my own children. Over the past ten years I have also attended many workshops, conferences, and support groups.

Board Of Directors
(2016 – 2017)
I currently serve on the Board of Directors for FUSE (Families United for Support and Encouragement), an organization that provides resources and referrals for families of children with special needs in Indiana.

BA, Indiana University
(2001- 2013) I have been fortunate to work with children and educators in many roles, including as a Teacher and Technology Support Supervisor, providing resources and instruction to staff and students in central Indiana.

(2010- present)
I began a blog when my son was diagnosed with autism, to


Parent Liaison
(2013 – current)
I work with staff at a local autism center to provide resources and information to families.

Board Of Directors
(2016 – 2017)
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